Review cellular exam 4 - K now the differene between...

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Know the differene between metabotropic and ionotropic Know that epinephrine have second messenger The G-protein have low affinity for alpha, beta, gamma. When there is no receptor bound then there is no affinity. Receptor has high affinity for GDP-bound receptor. It switches to high affinity for GDP receptor. Three types of G-proteins – know the detail about it. Know the cascades and everything Know the PKA – how many subunits. Catalytic and regulatory. How cells segregate or activate Know the protein kinase C as example of folding and unfolding enzymes Remember calcium calmodulin kinase in learning memory Modulation of potassium can change the excitability of neuron. Understand the principles here – invertebrate work:: you can manipulate the intracellular environment to study secondary messengers Remember that kinases / phosphatases and kinase activation and phosphatase activation Neurotropin – receptor type kinases. They span the membrane and work in dimmers. They work through tyrosine phosphorylation
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Review cellular exam 4 - K now the differene between...

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