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discussion sheet 6 - Sefali Patel April 10, 2010 Global...

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Sefali Patel April 10, 2010 Global East Asia (245:098:01) Discussion Sheet #6 In addition to politics, economics and culture, globalization includes an ideological dimension which explores the claims and beliefs of the phenomenon itself. Ideologies are generalized claims accepted by a society, thus connecting theory with practice. Often codified by social elites, ideologies simplify the complex human race in order to facilitate social and political action. In “ Globalization: A Very Short Introduction ,” author Manfred B. Steger explores the ideological dimension of globalization through various globalisms. In their article Death Penalty Lessons from Asia ,” writers David T. Johnson and Franklin E. Zimring discuss the history of capital punishment throughout Asia. The following discusses the death penalty, as presented in the article, in relation to Steger’s ideological dimension of globalization. Upon hearing the term death penalty or capital punishment, a person is immediately drawn to consider human rights. Alongside fair trade and gender equality, human rights are one of several goals held by justice globalists. Justice globalism, as defined by Steger, describes social and political equity as central to goals of globalization. Emerging in the 1990s as a social justice movement led by NGOs that see themselves as a global civil society, the basic principle
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discussion sheet 6 - Sefali Patel April 10, 2010 Global...

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