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discussion sheet 3 - Sefali Patel Global East Asia(098:245...

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Sefali Patel February 23, 2010 Global East Asia (098:245) Discussion Sheet # 3 The multidimensional nature of globalization demands an interaction between economics amongst the other aspects. Political globalization, as defined by Manfred B. Steger in “Globalization: A Very Short Introduction,” refers to the intensification and expansion of global political interrelations. Political globalization shows politics has evolved beyond the framework of the nation-state: old territorial borders have become more permeable in contemporary globalization and sharp conceptual borders and cultural lines have likewise softened. That being said, Steger outlines two different assessments of the fate of the modern nation-state based on the ideas of globalization sceptics and hyperglobalizers. While globalization sceptics see the nation- state as relevant to modern social life, hyperglobalizers continue to see a radical deterritorialization of politics, rule, and governance. That is to say, globalization sceptics foresee a world in which conventional political units, such as nation-states and global cities, continue to be relevant whereas hyperglobalizers foresee a world with regional economies linked together in
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discussion sheet 3 - Sefali Patel Global East Asia(098:245...

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