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Midterm #1 Review Session 1. Perform the following conversions: a. Diamond, made from elemental carbon, has a density of 3500 kg/m 3 . What is the density expressed in units of g/cm 3 ? b. Given that 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 yards = 36 inch, what is the length of a football field (100.0 yards) in kilometers? c. Convert the average speed of H 2 molecules at 25 o C (1.70 x 10 3 m/s) to miles/hr 2. What would be the formula for the atom or ion that contains 18 electrons, 17 protons and 20 neutrons? 3. How many atoms in 12.56 gram of Cu? 4. Natural copper consists of 63 Cu and 65 Cu. Their atomic masses are 62.93 amu and 64.93 amu, respectively. What is the abundance of 63 Cu? 5. A Na lamp emits yellow light with a wavelength of 589 nm. What is the energy in J of a single photon in this light?
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6. Calculate the wavelength of light that is emitted by a hydrogen atom when its electron drops from the n = 5 to the n = 3 state. 7.
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Ch201_Review_midterm_1_questions-1 - Midterm#1 Review...

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