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Week 2 IM Spring 2011 1 I NTERNATIONAL S TRATEGIC M ANAGEMENT W EEK 2 DR PAULA TOMSETT T HIS WEEK Advise names of group members. Term Project debate topics distributed. Week 1 Video Case revisited. Format of Term Project Chapter 2 PechaKucha 2 VIDEO CASE: “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS” BY SIR BOB REID, HALIFAX BANK OF SCOTLAND 1. How does the experience of the Nigerians in Japan illustrate what has been covered in this chapter regarding the “informal rules of the game?” 2. What did Sir Reid say which would suggest that “foreignness” is less an issue in West Africa than adaptability? 3. Why did Sir Reid mention the importance of listening? 4. If your school has students from other countries, how can you apply this video to your interaction with those people? 3 1. HOW DOES THE EXPERIENCE OF THE NIGERIANS IN JAPAN ILLUSTRATE WHAT HAS BEEN COVERED IN THIS CHAPTER REGARDING THE INFORMAL RULES OF THE GAME? As stated in the chapter: “…cultures, ethics, and norms also play an important part in shaping the success and failure of firms around the globe.” The Nigerians were interacting with the Thai and Japanese in the same manner as they would with Nigerians. Their lack of success demonstrates the need to do research into the country and people that you will be visiting when going overseas. 4 2. WHAT DID SIR REID SAY WHICH WOULD SUGGEST THAT “FOREIGNNESS” IS LESS AN ISSUE IN WEST AFRICA THAN ADAPTABILITY? He pointed out that the West Africans were very outgoing in their interactions with others. The challenge thus for an outsider would be to adapt one’s behavior to be compatible with the Nigerians. 5 3. SIR REID FOCUSED ON WESTAFRICA – TO WHAT EXTENT DO HIS IDEAS APPLY TO DOING BUSINESS IN THE HIGHLY DEVELOPED ECONOMIES? The same concepts apply whether it is Nigerians trying to do business in Thailand or Japan – or vice versa. The key idea: what may work in one country may be offensive in another regardless of whether it is developed or developing. 6
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Week 2 IM Spring 2011 2 4. WHY DID SIR REID MENTION THE IMPORTANCE OF LISTENING? One may not always have all the knowledge that might be desired concerning those from other cultures and countries. He suggests that listening also involves watching – i.e. “listening” for both verbal and nonverbal clues. Such listening can enable one to adapt to others in a way that will establish rapport. 7
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Week 2 ISM Spring2011 - Week 2 IM Spring 2011 INTERNATIONAL...

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