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1 EE 211A Digital Image Processing I Fall Quarter, 2010 Handout 1 Instructor: John Villasenor Course Information and Syllabus 1. Course Description: EE211A provides an introduction to image processing theory and techniques. EE211A topics include 2D system theory, Fourier, KL, and discrete cosine transforms, histogram modification, edge detection and enhancement, and image coding. 2. Course Meeting Time and Place: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 PM in BH 5436. 3. Course Website: The course webpage can be found at: https://eeweb.ee.ucla.edu/grad/classinfo.php?/ee211A/1/fall/10 4. Prerequisites: EE113 (Digital Signal Processing) 5. Text (required): Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing , by Anil K. Jain. Chapters to be wholly or partially covered are 1, 2, 4, and 5 through 8. Additional topics will be included if time permits.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Homework: Homeworks will be assigned on a weekly basis. 7. Computer Assignments: Several computer assignments will be assigned over the course of the quarter. 8. Exams: There will be one two-hour midterm exam at approximately the midpoint of the course. The final exam will be held on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, at 11:30am. 9. Grading: Grading is based on performance on the homework, midterm, and final according to the following weights: Homework and computer assignments: 30% Midterm: 35% Final: 35% Letter grades will be given only at the end of the course. 10. Office Hours: TBD in 56-147H, Engineering IV. Students are also free to come by at other times provided that I am available. Please call me at (310) 825-0228 or e-mail me at [email protected] to schedule an appointment....
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