history midterm 1

history midterm 1 - new pharaoh after recovery sparked by a...

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1. Sumeria THEOCRACY MESOPOTAMIA- land between tigris and Euphrates rivers, 12 city states UR- sumeria principal city of ALLUVIAL LANDS- good soil after flood CUNEIFORM- a form of writing, named after stylist used ZIGGURAT ENSI- city govenor who ruled with a council of elders HAMMURABI’s CODE 2. Assyria ASHUR- Assyria a city state of ISHTAR- goddess, possible cult? 3. Phoenicia BYBLOS- early bible CEDAR- traded Lebanon for it PAPYRUS - traded Egypt for it KEEL- invention on a boat HIRAM- of tyre added four centurys of survival PURPLE DYE BAAL- god of death and resurrection ALEXANDER THE GREAT- demise of tyre, will make them part of the mainland for laughing 4. Eygpt HIEROGLYPHIS HORUS- early king’s god
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PER WER/GREAT HOUSE- p haraoh, royal court NOMES/VIZIER- administrative subdivision, chief officer of p GREAT ROYAL WIFE/DAUGHTER RA- cult, worship associated with a pyramid AMENEMHET I-
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Unformatted text preview: new pharaoh after recovery sparked by a coup CO-OPTING- bringing successor in before death OSRIS-new cult “FIELD OF REEDS” HYKSOS- collapse of middle kingdom with the invasion of AMEN- ATON- monotheism, one sun god IKNATION-new pharaoh who promoted aton god NEFERTITI-wife of Iknation CLEOPATRA-no male heir, end of dynasty 5. Greek Emergence of MINOAN civilization, on the island of CRETE , with a palace at KNOSSOS- king minos ARETE AGE OF TYRANTS ARCHON- chief magistrate DRACO-rules harsh HEKTEMOROI/ONE SIXTH MEN-farmers and debt SOLON- selected to address social unrest, took away debt, ppl increased classes, solved problems but ppl still unhappy SEISACHTHEIA/SHAKING OFF OF BURDEN’S-he decrees citizenship defined DEME- fighting brotherhood (c’s tribal order) CLEISTHENES- rise of popular tyrant...
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history midterm 1 - new pharaoh after recovery sparked by a...

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