Lecture 3 (Outline)

Lecture 3 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration SOWK1002 Introduction to Social Work Lecture Outline 3 – Roles of Social Work and Social Workers Learning Outcomes i) To examine the characteristics (or functions) of the multilevel approach to generalist social work ii) To understand the roles and functions performed by social workers Four Major Social Work Task Functions within the Social Welfare System (Siporin, 1975) 1. To develop, maintain, and strengthen the social welfare system, so that it can meet basic human needs 2. To assure adequate standards of subsistence, health, and welfare for all 3. To enable people to function optimally within social institutional roles and statuses 4. To support and improve the social order and the institutional structure of society Multi-level Approach to Generalist Social Work (Johnson and Yanca, 2007) Three broad functions of social work: 1) Consultancy Regarding the resolution of problems 2) Resource management Utilising and coordinating the social service delivery system, as well as linking consumer systems with formal and informal resources 3) Education Requires some type of instruction or learning processes 1
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Roles Associated with Each Function of Social Work Understanding social work roles (expected patterns of professional behavior, assign certain behaviours and prescribe appropriate responses to particular situations) -nature of transactions between practitioners and clients -nature of transactions among professional colleagues -with associated strategies suggest general ways to achieve goals 1) Role concept-how people believe they should act in a particular situation 2) Role expectations-how others believe people should act when they occupy a particular status 3) Role performance-how people really do act Nature of situation - roles, client systems’’ challenges generate strategies Roles associated with the social work function as Consultancy *Professional services through which social workers and clients initiate change by clarifying clients’ issues, discovering options and developing plans on action *rely on the expertise of formally acquired knowledge, values, knowledge, Clients bring knowledge skills based on their personal, organisational (no bias inherent in traditional notions about the client-worker relationships, social workers regard clients negatively can damage the clients’ self-respect and confidence, unbalanced focus on their feelings of hopelessness) *establishing collaborative partnership with clients, empowerment –oriented social workers recognize, affirm, and build on clients’ strength and potential for change. 1) Micro-level: Enabler role (finding solutions) - Counseling strategies that generate change, - Work with clients (individuals, family, and small groups) to resolve challenges in social functioning - Work with Facilitate the discovery of solutions
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Lecture 3 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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