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Lecture 4 (Outline)

Lecture 4 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration SOWK1002 Introduction to Social Work Lecture Outline 4 – Multiple Contexts of Social Work (I) Learning Outcomes i) To understand how social work is shaped and constrained by a number of powerful forces, including social and economic forces ii) To explore the reasons for the ever-changing context of social work practice External Forces Surrounding Social Work (McDonald, 2006; Jordan, 2007) Political -political system (communist or democratic?) -how government is structured (administration holds most of the power) -legislative like development of Hong Kong... British???? Chapter 6 -social policy and law (neglect basic human rights due to lower social status) -work closely with the parties to fight for resources (advocate) -political influence from the state (the human rights) ^Neo-liberalisation promotes positive non-intervention, from public to private sector? -Will basic human rights be provided under free market? No incentive to provide?
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