Lecture 6 (Outline)

Lecture 6 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration SOWK1002 Introduction to Social Work Lecture Outline 6 – Professionalization of Social Work Learning Outcomes i) To examine the term profession ii) To understand the growth and development of social work in Hong Kong iii) To discuss the role of the Social Workers Registration Board in Hong Kong What is a Profession? Characteristics of a Profession (3Hs) i) Highly regarded ii) High ‘status’ iii) Highly specialized Three Key Elements of a Profession (Morales, Sheafor and Scott, 2007) i) Professional autonomy ii) Professional authority iii) Professional responsibility Commonsense Understandings of ‘Profession’ (Payne, 2006) i) As paid rather than unpaid activity ii) As implying recognized type of job iii) As implying high quality iv) As a description of a special category of occupation 1
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Debate ‘Social work is considered one profession in Hong Kong’. (a) Do you agree with the statement?
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Lecture 6 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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