Lecture 7 (Outline)

Lecture 7 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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The University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work and Social Administration SOWK1002 Introduction to Social Work Lecture Outline 7 – Values in Social Work Learning Outcomes i) To explore what ‘values’ means in the context of social work ii) To understand core social work values Defining Terms (Beckett and Maynard, 2005) What is meant by ‘values’? 1. The regard that something is held to be deserved 2. A person’s principles or standards of behaviour (Beckett and Maynard, 2005: 6) Exercise 1 You are a social worker. You are visiting a single parent who is struggling emotionally and financially. She tells you that she is supplementing her income by dealing in Ecstasy, and asks for your assurance that you will tell no one about it. Ecstasy is a major problem in the area where she lives. What do you say? Give reasons to justify your response. 1
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Code of Practice for Registered Social Workers in Hong Kong What are the aims of this code of practice? To protect the _______________ of clients and other members of society To enhance _____________ and _____________ in the social work profession To serve as a ____________ to the everyday conduct of a Registered
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Lecture 7 (Outline) - The University of Hong Kong...

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