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Review Questions for Exam 1 – CSE 205 1. A java application always contains a single method, this method is called? Give the signature of this method. 2. How is data given to this parameter? 3. Identifiers can only begin with? 4. Is Java a Functional Language, Procedural Language, Object-Oriented Language, or Logic Language? 5. What does API stand for? 6. What needs to be done to use the scanner class? 7. What’s the difference between println, and print. 8. What is Encapsulation? 9. What are the three visibility modifiers and what is their scope? 10. What is the purpose of toString()? 11. What is an accessor method? 12. What is mutator method? 13. What is a constructor? 14. Define a constructor with two parameters int x, y for the class Point. 15. Which method signatures would give an error if all methods were defined in a single class? 16. What is the difference between an instance variable, and a local variable? 17. The this reference refers to the instance of the object. 18. What is the keyword that associates a variable or method with the class? 19. Do all classes need a main method? 20. What is Software Engineering? 21. Explain the relationship between development and maintenance effort. 22. Which development method takes an object-oriented approach? Briefly describe these methods’ steps.
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23. A very bad method for programming is called the Build-and-Fix approach. Why is this bad method? 24.
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Exam1-Review - Review Questions for Exam 1 CSE 205 1. A...

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