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CSE 205 – Guidelines for Exam #1 Exam Date: Thursday 2/17 Note: All students will require a picture ID for taking the exam. On this exam you can have a one page (9x12) sheet of notes. It has to be in your handwriting (It can NOT be a copy of another student's notes) and you have to turn it in when you turn in your exam. I will check your sheet and if it is copied from someone you will receive a grade of zero on the test. No exceptions. The following is a list of suggested review topics that may appear on Exam 1. Any concept we have covered in class is fair game for an exam question! In addition to reviewing your notes and the handouts, you should make sure you understand what was covered during lectures and on programming assignments. Topics to Study: Software Engineering (notes, pages 480-481)
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Unformatted text preview: • Classes • UML diagrams (notes & pages179- 181) • Split method (notes & assignment4) • Wrapper classes (notes & pages 98-100) • Inheritance/Polymorphism (notes & Chap8 ) • Interfaces (notes) • Arrays/ArrayLists Data Structures (notes) • Exceptions and I/O streams (notes & Chap 10) Suggested Review Materials • Go over slides posted under "Course Documents" • Quizzes & Class-Handouts • Assignments Note: It is always a good idea to show your work. In case your final answer is wrong, if you show your work to show the process of getting your answer and I see that you made a small mistake on the way, I can give you some partial credits. Wrong final answers with no work will not receive any credit. (no partial point for multiple choice/ true or false questions)...
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