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Exam 4 key - Form A FDNS 2100 Summer 2010 Dr Grossman Exam...

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Form A FDNS 2100 NAME_________________________________ Summer 2010 / Dr. Grossman (please print) Exam 4 FORM A Choose the best answer for each of the following. For all calculations, round to the nearest whole number. If the decimal is 4 or less, round down; if the decimal is 5 or more, round up. 1. My exam is a. Form A (mark this one!…and print your name above) b. Form B 2. Regarding water balance, _______ from the adrenal glands and _______ from the pituitary gland act on the kidneys to retain water. a. testosterone, ADH b. ADH, testosterone c. aldosterone, hGH d. adrenaline, hGH e. aldosterone, ADH 3. Some functions of water include all of the following EXCEPT a. maintaining blood volume b. lubricating around joints etc c. temperature regulation d. crystalline structure of teeth e. functioning as an essential nutrient 4. The standards used for regulation of bottled water are substantially less rigorous than those applied to U.S. tap water. a. true b. false 5. Which of the following is NOT true about electrolytes? a. they are salts that dissolve in water and dissociate b. they attract fat cells c. they create osmotic pressure d. examples are sodium, potassium and chloride 6. Trace mineral content of food depends on a. soil b. water c. processing d. a and c e. a, b and c 7. A nutrient that helps to form hemoglobin is You must sign and print your name on the first page and turn in this exam 1
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Form A a. iodine b. copper c. selenium d. chloride e. magnesium 8. Chocolate is a good source of a. sodium b. chloride c. sulfur d. magnesium e. selenium 9. A nutrient that makes “bridges” in proteins and helps to stabilize their shape is a. sulfur b. selenium c. iron d. magnesium e. calcium 10. Soft drinks provide a high concentration of _____________, which decreases the absorption of ________________ . a. phosphorus, calcium b. potassium, calcium c. phosphorus, sodium d. potassium, sodium e. phosphorus, chloride For the next 5 questions, match the correct number to the letter (use each letter only once). 11. Chloride a. functions to carry and release oxygen to cells 12. Iodine b. functions to facilitate glucose uptake 13. Iron c. is a component of thyroid hormone 14. Chromium d . is major anion outside the cell 15. Zinc e. deficiency results in arrested sexual maturation
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Exam 4 key - Form A FDNS 2100 Summer 2010 Dr Grossman Exam...

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