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Old Exam 2 - Form A FDNS 2100 Spring 2010 Dr Grossman Exam...

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Form A FDNS 2100 NAME_________________________________ Spring 2010 / Dr. Grossman (please print) Exam 2 FORM A Choose the best answer for each of the following. For all calculations, round to the nearest whole number. If the decimal is 4 or less, round down; if the decimal is 5 or more, round up. 1. My exam is a. Form A (mark this one!…and print your name above) b. Form B 2. Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of fats in the body and in food? a. Major material of cell membranes b. Provides most of the energy to fuel muscular work c. Can be converted into glucose for energy d. Provides essential fatty acids e. All of the above are functions of fats in the body and in food For the next 3 questions, match the correct letter with each number: 3. Phospholipids a. Contains phosphate and nitrogen 4. Sterols b. 1 glycerol backbone and 3 fatty acids 5. Triglycerides c. Multiple ring structures 6. Dietary fat provides the essential fatty acids, ___ and ___, needed for proper growth and development. a. linoleic, arachadonic b. myristic, linoleic c. palmitic, arachadonic d. linoleic, linolenic e. saturated, monounsaturated 7. Cholesterol intake (amount you should consume every day) should be less than ____ mg. a. 100 b. 200 c. 300 d. 400 e. 500 8. Saturated fats are generally found in animal products with a few exceptions. Which of the following is a plant product that contains a large proportion of saturated fat? a. Canola oil b. Olive oil c. Soybean oil d. Coconut oil e. Butter You must sign and print your name on the first page and turn in this exam 1
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Form A 9. Which of the following foods would not typically contain cholesterol? a. chicken breast b. salmon c. yogurt d. potato chips e. milk 10. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are ___________ at room temperature, ___________ for your health, and contain ________ double bond(s). a. Solid, bad, two or more b. Solid, good, two or more c. Liquid, good, zero d. Gaseous, bad, one e. Liquid, good, two or more 11. In what form are lipids carried in the bloodstream? a. Free triglycerides
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Old Exam 2 - Form A FDNS 2100 Spring 2010 Dr Grossman Exam...

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