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Old Exam 3 - Form A FDNS 2100 Spring 2010 / Dr. Grossman...

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Form A FDNS 2100 NAME_________________________________ Spring 2010 / Dr. Grossman (please print) Exam 3 FORM A Choose the best answer for each of the following. For all calculations, round to the nearest whole number. If the decimal is 4 or less, round down; if the decimal is 5 or more, round up. 1. My exam is a. Form A (mark this one!…and print your name above) b. Form B 2. A healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is a. 5.5 – 5.9 b. 7.5 – 14.9 c. 10.5 – 17.9 d. 18.5 – 24.9 e. 25.5 - 29.9 3. The components of Energy Balance that make up the Energy Out (i.e. the amount of energy or calories you use each day) include: a. basal metabolic rate b. physical activity c. thermic effect of food 4. In studies of genetics and obesity, it has been found that adopted children have body weights ___ their biological parents. a. similar to b. generally less than c. generally greater than d. unrelated to e. none of the above 5. The series of graphs of the United States shown in class depicted: a. the prevalence of heart disease in the USA b. the prevalence of obesity in the USA c. the prevalence of type II diabetes in the USA d. the prevalence of vegetarianism in the USA e. the prevalence of nutritional deficiencies in the USA You must sign and print your name on the first page and turn in this exam 1
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Form A 6. In order to provide a patient with the utmost care the eating disorder team at the University of Georgia will contact a patient’s family to unsure full involvement and support of the treatment plan. a. true b. false 7. Factor(s) that might contribute to another’s eating disorders (from the handout given in class) are: a. making fun of another person’s eating habits or food choices b. complimenting someone when they lose weight or diet c. assuming that a large person wants or need to lose weight d. a and b e. a, b, and c 8. In order to help a friend with an eating disorder, it is useful to a. arrange an “intervention” with several close friend who can confront the person all together b. Let the person know you are concerned about his/her health. c. Learn as much as you can about eating disorders
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Old Exam 3 - Form A FDNS 2100 Spring 2010 / Dr. Grossman...

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