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BUS 201 -- Final Paper - Change with Management 1 Changes...

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Change with Management 1 Changes with Management Ashley Dyal BUS 201 Mr. Hubble May 20, 2010
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Change with Management 2 Over the years there has been various major changes in many management teams. These changes range from good to bad, big and small. Although most of these changes are simply keeping up with the time, they all have played an important role in the way managers perform daily functions. The economy has been the biggest factor for change taking a huge toll on managers as individuals and as teams. Along with the spiral in our economy, there is a shortage for managers in almost all industries. When it comes to technology, most of the advances are pretty obvious, but the effects are not always as obvious. With all these changes being faced by managers, there is a almost a new way of life forced upon many managers and teams. As always there are pros and cons to any change that is faced along any career path. Again some of these pros and cons would be easily noticed by an untrained eye, others may take a little more trained to see fully and understand. The biggest of the changes faced by managers are due to the economy and its downward spiral. There has been many jobs lost along the way, and if they have not been lost they may have been consolidated to do more task. Many managers are longer hours to compensate for such unwanted changes, while others chose to take pay cuts to stay where they were as managers. The management teams are finding themselves becoming accustomed to cutbacks in various ways. The cuts backs that most managers are facing routinely would be that of personal cutbacks and also particular industry cutbacks, such as holding off on major
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BUS 201 -- Final Paper - Change with Management 1 Changes...

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