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ANT200 Lecture Notes March 28

ANT200 Lecture Notes March 28 - Atlatl spear thrower...

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ANT200 Lecture Notes March 28, 2011 Aztecs Central highlands in Meso America Not to far from earlier site of Teotihuacan Tenochtitlan o Driven to life in the swamps (established city there) o Codice of Tenochtitlan Templo Mayor o Just foundations left today (Mexico city) Codex Mendoza- tribute o List of tributes given (animal skins, textiles etc) Aztec art o Elaborate, colorful, masks (on skulls), ritual function, snakes, precious stones etc Eagle & Jaguar Warriors Maquahuitl: Aztec sword, wooden with obsidian blades on either side Preferred to capture people and then sacrifice them at the capital of Tenochtitlan
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Unformatted text preview: Atlatl: spear thrower Florentine Codex: shows human sacrifice o Heart ripped out, thrown down steps of temple, head cut off and then placed on a skull rack Chacmool: ritual object, human in reclining position with bowl on stomach o Where a heart may have been placed once it was ripped out of someone’s chest Coyolxauhqui o From the base of the templo mayor o Showing goddess Coyolxahqui who was killed by the gods of the Aztec (cut off her head) and threw her down a mountain where all of her limbs came off o Best known of all Aztec artifacts (myth artifact)...
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