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Audio to Film&Video syncing machine Frame rate & sample rate independent, InDaw speeds up image and sound syncing in the film&video (HD/SD) world. With its 'Slate Prelocator' and automatic 'Slate Finder', it is fas- ter at syncing rushes than any other system – and even more when it comes to multi camera shooting. After a telecine trans- fer, InDaw adds 'post-synced' audioTCs and start-of-take accu- rate Keycodes to deliver cleaned transfer lists (FLeX and ALE) which speed-up NLE digitization. It also burns Characters and Vitc on off-line copies of master tapes while recording mirror DATs. InDaw records and plays 16 & 24 Polyphonic & Monophonic BWF files; FAT32 & FAT16; directly imports Deva DVD-Ram, and NagraV Orb; digitizes DAT and 1/4" tapes; is FireWire and Ethernet networkable; burns CD-R and DVD-R. AudioMatch, a smart tape-to-disk recorder InDaw automatically tidies up the Smpte-LTC and audio sam- pling frequency mismatches film/video post-production engi- neers encounter. It even compensates the drift between the DAT sampling clock and the time-of-day recorded on the Smpte track. As a gift to documentary sound engineers it adds up silent audio leaders at the head of the audio files to let the Avid ‘group clip’ get the first images shot by a camera starting up to nine second before the audio recorder. Prelog, the most accurate slate detector While monitoring the tape-to-disk transfer, the operator can on- the-fly put pre-locators on slate announces. He can also key the scene/take IDs and enter wild-sound tabs. . InDaw then auto- detects clapsticks with better than human precision and stores the operator entries in the audio files, which later show on prin- ted reports and Avid v. 10.5 bins. Postsync, the fastest seek&sync audio/video synchroniser InDaw syncs images & sounds in less than 40ms at the head of each video take, as opposed to several seconds with other sys- tems. This performance allows for uninterrupted post-syncing of video tapes while making a mirror DAT. Whatever the sound and video frequency standards, InDaw eli- minates jitter and glitches on digital copies, e.g. a sound recor- ded in a PAL environment can be dubbed on a drop-frame NTSC video tape! PostSync sorts wild tracks, merges and records them at the tail of video tape dailies; their on-location audioTC is correlated to the video-tape videoTC, and added to the telecine transfer lists. Transfer file rejuvenation InDaw creates by itself or rejuvenates Keylink made FLeX and ALE transfer lists, it fine tunes the in-points and adds the slate/digislate AudioTC to Keycode and VideoTC. Exported to the Avid film composer, these 'enriched' lists allow for instant group-clipping between images and BWF sounds received from InDaw by CD-R or any other media (BWF files are directly ingested by Avid v10.6 and later).
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indaw-6_usermanual - Aaton audio InDaw-6-6 InDaw T ws...

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