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Chapter 1 - Psych-2310 - Social Psychology Chapter 1 Social...

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Social Psychology – Chapter 1 Social Psychology is the scientific study of how peoples thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours are influenced by factors in the social world. Social psychologists focus on 3 distinct topics: How we think about ourselves, how we think, feel, and act in the social world, how our attitudes and behaviour shape the social world. Social Psychology examines how we think about ourselves, or our self perception. Social psychology also examines self-presentation, or how we present ourselves to other people, and also examines how people form impressions and make inferences about other people and events in the social world which is called social perception. The phenomenon known as the fundamental attribution error is the tendency to overestimate the role of personal causes, and underestimate the role of situational causes in predicting behaviour. A type of social perception is social cognition, which describes how we think about people and about the social world. Social influence is the impact of other peoples attitudes and
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