Chapter 12 - Psych-2310

Chapter 12 - Psych-2310 - Chapter#12 Facial Attractiveness...

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Chapter #12 Facial Attractiveness Prominent cheekbones, thin eyebrows, big eyes People prefer faces that are “average” as opposed to “distinct” People find symmetry attractive Benefits of Physical Attractiveness Greater likelihood of being hired, higher starting salaries, and bigger raises Higher job security Explanations for the Physical Attractiveness Affect People show a general preference for things they find attractive Influences not only the people we choose to date, but also the cars we buy, the paintings we like to look at, and the clothes we wear The part of the brain that is activated in response to beautiful faces is also activated in response to rewarding behaviours (money, drugs, etc.) People hold a “what is beautiful is good” stereotype Attractive people are rated as higher intelligence and social competence, and are seen as better adjusted and more extroverted / dominant. Attractive people are less lonely, less anxious, more popular, more sexually People who are standing with others who are attractive seem more attractive than those who are standing with people who are unattractive. The value of resources Men prefer woman who are younger, and place more importance on physical attractiveness Women give more weight towards traits such as wealth, ambitiousness, character, confidence and status.
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Women devote more time and energy to finding, and keeping partners who are young and healthy – cues for better fertility Men vs Women Both men & women see androgynous dating partners as better than masculine ones. Pro-social men (those willing to help others) are rated higher in physical and sexual attractiveness, social desirability, and dating desirability. Relationship Factors
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Chapter 12 - Psych-2310 - Chapter#12 Facial Attractiveness...

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