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Kimberly Hargraves Humn 211 3-15-11 Catullus paper According to St. Jerome, Catullus came from an equestrian family of Verona. His father entertained Caesar. He fell in love with Clodia Metelli, the Lesbia poet, and had an affair. He wrote many poems about their relationship. It is uncertain when he was born or when he died. St. Jerome said he was born in 87 BC and died when he was thirty. His life was pieced together based on references of him from other authors. Catullus subscribed to the philosophy of capriciousness. His poems range into three categories;
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Unformatted text preview: short epics, epigrams, and love poetry. Homer’s poems are also short epics but focus more on the gods and war with a hero. The politician Cicero despised Catullus because Clodia had a relationship with Caelio, who was a friend of Cicero. The main idea of poem five is Catullus love for Lesbia. The main idea of poem 22 is Catullus’ insight into the human condition. Catullus was concerned about the human tendency with self-delusion....
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