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Study Questions for Oedipus Rex - 7 What is the reward for...

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Study Questions for Oedipus Rex Please write out your responses to the following questions. Be ready to discuss your answers Monday when I return. I will collect the papers. 1. Who was Laius? Who was his queen? 2. What message did the prophet of the god Apollo deliver to Laius and the queen? 3. The queen and king made an attempt to avert the fate of the gods. What exactly did they do? 4. Oedipus gets into a quarrel with an old man whom he kills. Who is the old man? 5. What monster is controlling Thebes? 6. What riddle is solved and by whom?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What is the reward for the person who solves the riddle? 8. Is it true that the action of the play occurs in a single day? Explain. 9. Is it true that there are no sub-plots in this play? Explain. 10. Does the action occur in just one location? Explain. 11. Identify the three plays of the Oedipus cycle. 12. Briefly discuss tragic irony in OEDIPUS REX. 13. Look up Sigmund Freud's notion of the Oedipus complex. Does Freud's notion enhance your understanding of the play? 14. What kinds of "blindness" exist in the play?...
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