Precipitation Titrations - Hargraves 1 Precipitation...

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Hargraves 1 Precipitation Titrations Chemistry 210 Lab Dr. Han 2-26-11 Kimberly Hargraves
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Hargraves 2 Precipitation Titrations Abstract : The purpose of this lab was to determine the percentage of Chloride in and unknown solution which was determined to be 4% based upon using a titration method. This calculated based on the volume of AgNO 3 (which was the primary standard) used in the titration. The three titrated Chloride levels were 0.001 from each in a 95% confidence level. Introduction : The titration reaction is Ag + + Cl - ↔ AgCl (s). The nitrate ions of the prepared solution of AgNO 3 (aq) are only weakly adsorbed to the precipitate after the equivalence point is reached, and they are easily displaced by indicator ion. The end point is signaled by the appearance of the pink color of dichlorofluoresceinate from a yellow solution. Materials : Volumetric flask Funnel Silver nitrate solution (~0.1 M) Dextrin Dichlorofluorescein indicator Chloride unknown Methods : The first step in this lab was to prepare the volume and concentration of AgNO
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Precipitation Titrations - Hargraves 1 Precipitation...

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