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Analytical Exam I - liquid above the solid Calibration...

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Analytical Exam I Definitions Quantitative analysis - deals with the quantity of material present in a sample Quantitative transfer : Form question, select analytical procedure, sample, Prepare sample, make- Replicate measurements of the sample, make a clear written report of your- Findings. Qualitative analysis - deals with identifying the constituents of a substance. Homogeneous solution - the sample is the same throughout Heterogeneous solution - the sample has differences in composition throughout Decant - process of separating solid material that has settled at the bottom of a flask by pouring off the
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Unformatted text preview: liquid above the solid. Calibration curve- is used to compare the response of unknown with that of a series of standard known concentrations. Interference- when a species of other than the analyte causes an analysis to be inaccurate. Standard solution- a solution with concentration of a chemical that is known to a high degree of-certainty. Masking- transformation of an interfering species into a form that is not detected. Ppm- defined as: (weight of the solute/ the weight of the solution) x 10 6 Precision- a measure of the reproducibility of a result...
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