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Stephanie Hill Biology 2107/ Section 08 April 14, 2011 The Fight for Ethics between Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein , and James Baldwin’s book, Evidence of Things Not Seen , proving that most people have a form of ethics, but are biased by their upbringing Abstract: For the people who decide to pursue a career in the sciences, it is important to understand what ethics is about. My hypothesis is that everyone is guided by some form of ethics. My prediction is that everyone will have a different level of ethics based on their moral upbringing. Another prediction is that people fight for ethics by imposing their biased opinions. The books resulted in the reader understanding the needs for ethics. In Mary Shelley’s book, she showed that it is important for people to not over step their boundaries and keep in mind that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In James Baldwin’s book, he gave several instances when no real concrete evidence was used against Wayne Williams, proving that judicial system was not ethical in their decision. It is issues’ like these that it is important to teach about ethics, in hopes that students someday will come to the conclusion that it is always better to do what is right for the greater good. Introduction:
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Earlier in history, ethics was considered one of the greatest aspects about a person, and we see this by many great movements within the religious communities. At that time, those
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baldwin assignment 3 - S tephanie Hill Biology 2107/...

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