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Art of Writing - Monosyllable

Art of Writing - Monosyllable - chief plans to good style...

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In these times, there is a wide range of prose. To please fans of text, one should use some of the plans that can help one to write well. One of these plans is the need to sort out one’s thoughts. When one is faced with the task to write, one should keep a clear mind, since the skill makes use of one’s thoughts. A clear mind will make notes speak well to those who try to read one’s work. Those who write with no mind to this fact often have poor prose. One should also write with love and care. It is clear that a piece of work may not be thought of as good when one writes with no zeal. When one writes with care, one brings the most key point to fine prose: the want to dream. Those who read works of text want to be kept drawn to the work, and this is, too, one of the
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Unformatted text preview: chief plans to good style. One must seize the mind and make it fond of the work. If a work is not fun to read, then what is the point? The charm of the piece should not just hold through the course of the text, but when the work has all been read; one should feel stirred once one is done. When there is this worth in the piece, then it gives a muse to those who read it. Prose that makes a good mark is hard to come by, and more, is tough to write. With a clear mind and the need to speak one’s thoughts, this art of good text can be reached. It is good to use the plans shown, but it is in good taste that one does not keep a tight rein on one’s thoughts and writes from the heart....
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