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Lecture 6 - Lecture 6 Britain 1why are the British so...

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Lecture 6: Britain 1—why are the British so old-fashioned? A. What is the United Kingdom The United Kingdom = England + Scotland + Wales + Northern Ireland A multinational and multiethnic state Nationalism and separatism in Ireland, Scotland and Wales New immigrants, many from former colonies India, Pakistan Caribbean Africa The Four Circles (Competing identities) of Britain The British Union The Empire/Commonwealth Anglo-America Europe [insert a map of Britain] B. British Society The greatest modern empire The first parliamentary democracy The first industrialized country The first capitalist country The most urbanized country
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A highly centralized (monocephalic) society(financially, politically, culturally) one city (London) dominants the country Smart people who can interpret the Constitution Britain in decline throughout the 20 th century C. Why study British Politics Unique influence on U.S. politics
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