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Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 A Boris Yeltsin 1931-2007 Humble...

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Lecture 13 A. Boris Yeltsin, 1931-2007 Humble peasant background, father served three years in GULAG 1985: Appointed Mayor of Moscow by Gorbachev 1987: Fired after criticizing Gorbachev 1990: Elected Russian President August 1991: Led resistance to attempted coup December 1991: Became dominant Russian leader with collapse of USSR B. Yeltsin’s challenge Keeping Russia together Independence Movements in Chechnia, Tatarstan, Sahka Republic Preventing a return to Communism CPSU and military / security forces a formidable threat Fostering economic growth Market reforms and modernization Privatization (1991: 83% of labour force worked for government) Creating a rule of law Establishing independent courts Fighting corruption Poverty and social problems Declining life expectancy (especially for men: 65 to 58 since 1970s) C. Yeltsin’s policies 1. Keeping Russia together Sovereignty movements in Chechnia, Tatarstan, Shka Republic Federalism, bilateral agreements with state governors, Force (in Chechnia) 2. Preventing a return to Communism Seizure of CPSU Property Dissolution of Congress of People’s Deputies 1993 Cooptation of Managers, Directors 3. Economic stagnation and government indebtedness
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Privatization 1991-2001: Private sector grows from 5% to 70% Crony Capitalism: Rise of the Oligarchs Foreign capital deferred by corruption, crim 1991-98: 50% Economic Contraction Worse than U.S. Great Depression Economic output 2001: Equal to the Netherlands 4. Poverty and social problem
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Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 A Boris Yeltsin 1931-2007 Humble...

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