week 2USA 5085 International Business

week 2USA 5085 International Business - B USA 5085...

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BUSA 5085 International Business-Dr Darko Chapters 4,5&6 Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions-Week 2 Teresa(Trish) Willette Trish 1/25/2011
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1. A visiting American executive finds that a foreign subsidiary in a poor nation has hired a 12-year-old girl to work on a factory floor, in violation of the company’s prohibition on child labor. He tells the local manager to replace the child and tell her to go back to school. The local manager tells the American executive that the child is an orphan with no other means of support, and she will probably become a street child if she is denied work. What should the American executive do? Answer: This could be an ethical dilemma as business executives’ face the burden or opportunity of low wage immigrate workers from foreign subcontractors. Many barriers have been confronted but none more tolerant than humankind to regions where prosperity means at all cost. How should any company manager react to child labor issues when families rely on the child’s labor to support the family in foreign lands? Nike is a prime example of child labor laws and social responsibilities to stakeholders. By ethical code that articulated basic guidelines with regard to the working conditions that subcontractors should meet standards set by the foreign organization. International Business studies on cultural difference say that if the manager does not attempt to understand the practice’s meaning in the local culture, the manager may miss a huge step in ethical analysis. From the subcontractors’ point of view, the child in this case is given an opportunity to a better life. In spite of economic woes of the country, the executive should contact the line of command at headquarters to search social responsibility correspondences on the matter. In response to regulatory and public pressure from all stakeholders, the executive should research ways to provide services which will alter child labor. There is an importance of implementing sourcing strategy based on its close relationships with suppliers in developing countries. Companies must have strong culture and values that include a commitment to a code of conduct.
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week 2USA 5085 International Business - B USA 5085...

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