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<?php < $charset = "iso-8859-1"; // The character set to use $ // Text used for template descriptions $temp_description[0] = "Blank Text Document"; $temp_description[1] = "PHP Script"; $temp_description[2] = "Perl Script"; $temp_description[3] = "HTML Document"; $temp_description[4] = "Wireless Markup Document"; $ // Text used on the login page $login["title"] = "Please Log in!"; $login["caption"] = "Login"; $login["instructions"] = "Please enter your details below to log in!"; $login["username"] = "Username:"; $login["password"] = "Password:"; $login["submit"] = "Log in!"; $login["error"] = "Invalid username or password, please try again."; $login["language"] = "Language:"; $login["my_default"] = "My Default Language"; $login["default"] = "System Default"; $ // Misc text // Note the %s for the parse time and the %g for the gzip status $misc["stats"] = "This page took %s seconds to produce."; $misc["gzip"] = "GZIP Compression was %g"; $misc["enabled"] = "enabled"; $misc["disabled"] = "disabled"; $ // Text used on the area buttons $area["sql"] = "SQL Manager"; $area["out"] = "Log Out"; $area["home"] = "Jump to Home Directory"; $area["space"] = "Space Usage"; $area["pass"] = "Change Password"; $ // Text used on tool buttons $tools["chmod"] = "CHMOD"; $tools["rename"] = "Rename"; $tools["unlink"] = "Delete"; $tools["edit"] = "Edit"; $tools["htpasswd"] = "Password Protect"; $tools["copy"] = "Copy"; $tools["move"] = "Move"; $ // Text used on the main page $main["title"] = "File Manager"; $main["browse"] = "File Manager - Browsing directory %i"; $main["at"] = "at"; $main["up_alt"] = "Up one directory"; $main["total"] = "Total Space Used:"; $main["CHMOD"] = "CHMOD Value:"; $main["foldown"] = "Folder Owner:"; $main["foldgroup"] = "Folder Group:"; $main["fileown"] = "File Owner:"; $main["filegroup"] = "File Group:"; $main["modified"] = "Last Modified:"; $main["file_size"] = "File Size:";
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$main["file_ops"] = "File Options"; $main["remote"] = "Filename"; $main["upload"] = "Upload Selected File"; $main["new_fold"] = "Create a new folder"; $main["new_file"] = "Create a new file"; $main["file_comp"] = "File Compression"; $main["zip"] = "Filename:"; $main["compress"] = "Compress Files"; $main["options"] = "Options:"; $main["store"] = "Store the compressed files on disk"; $main["send"] = "Download the compressed files"; $main["both"] = "Store on disk and then download"; $main["nodir"] = "The supplied directory doesn't exist! Using the user's root instead"; $main["local"] = "Local File:"; $main["upname"] = "Filename:"; $main["na"] = "N/A"; $main["gigabyte"] = "GB"; $main["megabyte"] = "MB"; $main["kilobyte"] = "KB"; $main["byte"] = "Bytes"; $main["checkfolder"] = "Check the box to compress the folder"; $main["checkfile"] = "Check the box to compress the file"; $main["dir_info"] = "Directory Information"; $main["cur_dir"] = "Current Directory:"; $main["is_root_lbl"] = "Is Root?"; $main["is_read_lbl"] = "Is Readable?"; $main["is_write_lbl"] = "Is Writable?"; $main["files_in_dir"] = "Files in this directory:";
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2011 for the course CSE 099 taught by Professor Hawkins during the Spring '11 term at N. Arizona.

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