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<?php < /* * Invision Power File Manager * Template List * Copyright (c) 2003 Invision Power Services * ------------------------------------- * You may not remove the copyright or * redistribute the script in any form * * Authors: Stephen Ball <stephen@invisionfilemanager> * * Last Modified: 26th March 2003 * */ // This script is for internal use in the Control Panel only so you should NOT edit it i // The first 3 arrays contain "display data", i.e. instructions for the user / // This array is a list of the template names $templates = array( "1" => "Global", "2" => "File Listing", "3" => "Login Screen", "4" => "MySQL Manager", "5" => "MySQL Error", "6" => "MySQL Query Result", "7" => "Space Usage", "8" => "Change Password", "9" => "File Editor", "10" => "Source Viewer", "11" => "CHMOD Dialog", "12" => "Move To/Copy To Dialog", "13" => "Directory Protection Dialog", "14" => "Multi-file Uploads", "15" => "Cascading Style Sheet" ); // This array is a list of the "place markers" which can be used in each template $vars = array( "1" => array( "TITLE" => "Indicates where the page title should appear (Required)", "JAVASCRIPT" => "Indicates where the javascript should be placed (Required)", "CONTENT" => "Indicates the location of the main output (Required)", "CHARSET" => "The character set from the users language pack (Required)", "COPYRIGHT" => "Indicated where the copyright should be placed (Required)", "GZIP" => "The marker to display the gzip compression status", "STATS" => "Where to display the script page generation times" ), "2" => array( "MSG" => "The place to show any error messages (Required)",
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"NAV" => "The navigation bar (Required)", "AREAS" => "The area buttons such as Log out (Required)", "UP" => "The "Up one directory" link", "THIS" => "The current file name", "NEXT_DIR" => "The next directory to display when submitting forms", "FILES_LBL" => "The column title for files", "ACTIONS_LBL" => "The column title for action buttons such as delete", "ZIP_LBL" => "The column title for file compression", "ICON" => "The file icon", "NAME" => "The file name", "CHMOD" => "The CHMOD label", "CHMOD_VAL" => "The actual CHMOD value", "FILE_SIZE" => "The file size label", "FSIZE" => "The actual file size", "FOLDOWN" => "The folder owner label", "FILEOWN" => "The file owner label", "OWNER" => "The actual owner name", "FOLDGROUP" => "The folder group label", "FILEGROUP" => "The file group label", "GROUP" => "The actual group name", "MODIFIED" => "The date last modified label", "MDATE" => "The actual date (the format can be changed on the settings screen)", "ACTIONS" => "The location of the action buttons, such as delete", "ZIPFILE" => "The location of the add to zip check box", "TOTAL" => "The total size label", "TOTAL_SIZE" => "The actual total size", "FILE_OPS" => "The file options label", "NEW_FOLD_NAME" => "The name of new folders", "NEW_FOLD" => "The "Create new folder" button", "TEMPLATE_DROPDOWN" => "A dropdown list of the different templates",
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2011 for the course CSE 099 taught by Professor Hawkins during the Spring '11 term at N. Arizona.

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