ARH 151 - Quiz1(intro) 1. c00-10 (Points: 10) There are...

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Quiz 1 (intro) 1. c00-10 (Points: 10) There are plenty of opportunities for seeing interesting art in Tuscaloosa and west- central Alabama. TrueFalse Save Answer 2. c00-05 (Points: 10) Cell phone usage is encouraged during class. TrueFalse Save Answer 3. c00-04 (Points: 10) According to the professor, sensation is what you see, and perception is. .. 1. flawless and accurate in most instances. 2. usually not worth the price of admission. 3. all the rage in Paris. 4. easier on a full stomach. 5. what you think you see. Save Answer 4. c00-07
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(Points: 10) Of the three intelligences, the only you cannot change is. .. 1. spatial intelligence (hence we always bang into the same coffee table). 2. neural intelligence, ie the brain you are born with. 3. secret intelligence, as long as it's secret you don't know about it anyway. 4. crowd intelligence, sadly always as smart as the weakest link. Save Answer 5. c00-08 (Points: 10) Marcel Duchamp's "L.H.O.O.Q" (1919), was originally. .. 1. defined a movement in the late middle ages.
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ARH 151 - Quiz1(intro) 1. c00-10 (Points: 10) There are...

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