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Ashna Ubbi 20373614 1. This concept map about information flow is connected to many other concepts in the Biology 130 course. Biology is the study of living things and every living thing goes through a cycle of life. The cycle can be shown through a concept map. In this biology course there are many different cycles and topics that can be shown through a concept map such as the Krebs cycle, glycolysis cycle, RNA or DNA synthesis, and much more. For each process, information flows from one thing to another. Also, through the concept map that was made for this assignment, almost the entire course can be drawn into it if it was expanded even more. This shows that all the concepts in this course depend on information flow from one process to another, and they all need each other in order for things to
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Unformatted text preview: function. Concept maps are also useful tools for studying since they show the information in a diagram flowing in order with very few words. 2. After doing this piece of work, I realized that everything in biology is connected and everything in biology can be drawn into a giant concept map. Before doing this work, I did not know that everything in a cell is connected; I had the misconception of thinking that each cycle is its own flow of information. Doing this assignment made me realize that every process in a cell helps another process and that every process is important for the next one to occur. Each process somehow connects with another process in a cell. This also showed me a good picture of how there are so many events that happen in a cell in a small amount of time....
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