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Name: Course: IST 260W Due Date: Thursday September 3 by 11:59pm EST Assignment: Case Study 1 Directions Complete the Skill Assessment on Angel. - Complete the survey labeled “Skills Assessment” in the folder labeled “Case Study for Topic 1”. Read the case study and complete the tasks. - Your submission should be one file (a document). The following file document types will be accepted: o Microsoft Word Document o Word Perfect o Acrobat File (PDF) - Submit your assignment in the drop box labeled “Case Study 1 Submission” in the folder labeled “Case Study for Topic 1”. Case Study: Willowbrook School Willowbrook School is a small private school that has retained you to assist in the development of a new information system for the school’s administrative needs. Background Willowbrook School is a small, private school in the Midwestern United States. For the past 20 years it has offered a curriculum for preschool through Grade 3. It also offers after-school care, usually referred to as after-care, on premises. Last year the school added a new classroom to allow the curriculum to expand to provide a Grade 4-6 program. Willowbrook is experiencing significant increases in enrollment applications for all programs from pre-school through the Grade 4-6 program. Increases in applications coupled with the expanded program and increased demand for after-school care have led to a very high workload for the administrative person on staff. The principal and teachers have stepped in where possible, but the demand is becoming too great. Willowbrook School is a non-profit, and is not in a position to hire another full-time administrative position, which is what the principal and administrator think would be needed to handle the increased workload. You are an independent IT consultant, specializing in developing IT solutions for small business needs. You have been contacted by the parent of one of the students to speak to the school principal, administrator and teaching staff about the possibility of setting up an information
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IST_260_Case_Study_1 - Name: Course: IST 260W Due Date:...

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