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TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Which Law Applies a. Sale of Goods b. Non-Goods Contracts c. Mixed Transactions in Goods and Non-Goods II. Contract III. Promise a. Objective Theory of Contracts b. How Made IV. Mutual Assent a. Meeting of the Minds - Misunderstanding V. Offer a. Offer Defined b. Elements c. Intent d. Definiteness e. Communication of Offer f. Types g. Gratuitous Promises h. Advertisements i. Termination j. Revocation VI. Acceptance a. Elements b. Manifestation of Assent c. Terms of Acceptance – Common Law Mirror Image Rule d. Terms of Acceptance – UCC Battle of the Forms
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Unformatted text preview: e. Agreement based off negotiations, with final plans to be submitted f. Acceptance by Mail g. Who Can Accept h. Knowledge of Offer i. Silence as Acceptance j. Inquiries, Requests, Comments, and Addition of Already Implicit Terms k. Counter-Offers VII. Consideration a. Bargained-for-exchange b. Condition Necessary to Receive a Gift c. Past-Events as Consideration d. Motive e. Inducement of Action f. Dual Roles in Many Bilateral Exchanges...
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