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What have you chosen as the focus of your final project Web site? Describe the preliminary design and navigation goals you aim to achieve and why. Respond to your classmates with additional design goals they might consider. My final project Web site will be focused on making a site for ATV enthusiasts, in which the users will have a Web site that they will be able to look at modified and tricked out ATVs. The users will come to the home page and be drawn in instantaneously to pictures of featured modified ATVs and feature products that they can buy for their ATV. The home page will have the name of the site in a creative fashion, centered on the top of the page. On the top left hand of the page I will have a logo that will get people familiar with to my site. Just under the logo, I will have the navigation or table of contents. On the bottom of the page I will have copyright info and another link to contact information and
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Unformatted text preview: links for questions. In the rest of the area, I will have featured content of an ATV project; I will keep the graphics simple and reuse the same graphic throughout my Web site so I keep the download speed fast. I will also make sure for navigation to have a set of text links for any user that may not be able to see graphics. I need to make sure that the users can answer the following questions which are stated on page 92 of text. • Where am I? • Where can I go? • How do I get there? • How do I get back to where I started? To allow users to answer these questions, provide the following information: • The current page and the type of content they are viewing • Where they are in relation to the rest of the Web site • Consistent, easy-to-understand links • Alternatives to the browser’s Back button that let users return to their starting point...
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