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Week 5-DQ2 - product and how it works will help out greatly...

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Research a good design technique for integrating multimedia into a Web site design. Share your findings including the type of multimedia and what plug-in is needed for successfully viewing this type of multimedia on a Web site? A good design technique for integrating multimedia into a Web site design would be to put in different types of multimedia, such as music, videos/movies and photos into it. There are several benefits for adding multimedia to a Web site. One benefit of adding multimedia to your Web site is that it will increase your search presence. Adding multimedia will also strengthen your sales influence. Most buyers would like to see what they are buying, a video clip showing a
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Unformatted text preview: product and how it works will help out greatly. Quicktime is a plug-in that plays videos, music, and sound clips. Windows Media Player is a plug-in that plays movies, music and sound clips. The RealPlayer plug-in plays just about all of the major media formats. The basic plug-ins can be downloaded for free, for a small fee, some offer extra features not offered in the free versions. Adding multimedia is quite an inexpensive way to add to a Web site. It does not have to cost a ton of money to shoot a video or take a photo. Digital cameras and handhelds are now at an all time low price where virtually everyone has one or can get one....
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