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Based on the Marketing Week (2007) article, explain the importance of usability when designing a Web site. The usability of a Web site is vital to the success or death of it and it should be a priority for the designer. Site problems or poor usability, will lead to user’s abandoning the transaction and find a site that he/she believes to be more trustworthy. According to Marketing Week (2007), 86% of users experience problems with their online transactions, and 37% will abandon the transaction completely when they encounter problems. One must give users a better experience as well as usability of one’s site. Improving the site’s usability will give you an advantage over the competition. I will buy products on the internet, but I always remain edgy as I do it. I have found a few secure sites that I buy from and I continue to go back to those sites because I trust them. If I find a product I want to order, but experience problems with my transactions, I will leave the site
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Unformatted text preview: immediately. I will not purchase items from a site that is not well-known unless I can use PayPal. I want to believe my information is secure on a site when I make purchases, and if I do not think it is secure, I will find one I believe is secure. Usability and ease of navigation are vital in successful online businesses. Online businesses need to invest time and care to guarantee the user experience is enjoyable, and a secure site. When designing a Web site, web designers should take into consideration the audience they want to attract to the site, the purpose of the site, and maintain regular maintenance to ensure there are no problems with navigation. If the site has online ordering, the designer should check often for potential problems the users may have while placing orders. That should be the top priority for the designer and company....
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