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Based on the readings this week and your own research, how might CSS be used for developing a unique Web site style? Find a Web site that includes CSS to enhance their Web site appearance and functionality. Explain why you think so. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are being widely used on the web. CSS allows the designer to maintain the look and feel of all the pages. Most Web sites contain more than one or two pages; they usually have many and many pages. The use of CSS enables someone to update all
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Unformatted text preview: pages easily. Using CSS also allows the designer the ability to override certain elements of a page, without interrupting other parts of the site. As a website grows, so will the CSS. A Website that I believe includes CSS which enhances their site is www.about.com . The CSS layout makes it easy for the designer to change the site on a regular basis without making changes to each page, and there are many pages on this site with lots of information that needs to be updated often....
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