Week three- Toolwire tutorials

Week three- Toolwire tutorials - implementation. Consult...

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Higher Education Platform Tutorials Toolwire is an experiential learning company providing access to real hardware and software over the Internet. Our  higher education platform provides expert lab guides, real-world scenarios, online assessments, group collaboration,  personal storage and websites so students and faculty, anywhere, anytime, can receive expert hands-on technology  training. It’s all about the experience, because experience matters.  The tutorials below provide a quick overview of Toolwire Student Desktops and LiveLabs. Student Desktops are hosted  virtual computers, customized for your training needs. These virtual desktops provide a hands-on "sandbox" for your  experiential learning. LiveLabs are similar but in addition provide expert step-by-step lab guide instructions. Click on the  links below to learn more.  ***Please note the rules depicted in the movies below are the "default settings" and may NOT apply to your institutions 
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Unformatted text preview: implementation. Consult your institution for their specfic rules. How do I login to Toolwire? 53 Seconds Where are my files? 40 Seconds How do I open and save files? 40 Seconds How do I submit my homework? 50 Seconds How do I share files with classmates? 27 Seconds How do I edit my website? 80 Seconds How do I upload & download files? 78 Seconds How much file storage do I have? 61 Seconds How do I navigate the lab guide? 52 Seconds Is there a time limit? 34 Seconds What happens if I get disconnected? 30 Seconds 2011 Toolwire Inc. All rights reserved. End User License Agreement Terms of Use Privacy Policy Copyright I have completed all of the Toolwire Tutorials....
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Week three- Toolwire tutorials - implementation. Consult...

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