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week 6 DQ 2 - from an individual point of view rather than...

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Can religious decisions be made without faith? Explain your answer. In doing so, you may wish to provide your definition of faith as it relates to our discussion this week. Yes, religious decisions can be made without faith. Since beliefs are separated from a change of mind, anybody can change their religion. A person's upbringing can be altered from whatever pathway you choose, as some people choose a different life from their family. It is the subconscious that influences decisions because we are thinking before our actions. Faith has many definitions such as inner strength and showing confidence in another person, so I look at it
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Unformatted text preview: from an individual point of view rather than a social outlook because we are putting ourselves first before others which are an individual necessity. My beliefs confuse myself let alone anyone else. I have faith in myself, and feel that every person has faith in themselves, but as religion goes I like to take beliefs from many different religions and combine them into my own. I do really respect most of the Buddhist beliefs, but not all. I feel that we create our own paths....
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