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Boss, With regards to the issues your organization is having, I have some thoughts for our department. The organization is having inventory issues that are costing us money by having too much inventory stocked on the shelves. We will have to make sure that we have a Supply Chain Management System incorporated to take care of the inventory issues, as they will forecast sales, and let manufacturing know when to send more product to us. Our biggest issue we are having is to do with losing customers, and not gaining many. To take care of our customer issue; we need to install a Customer Management System (CRM). The CRM will help us gain loyalty to our current customers and have long-lasting relationships with them. The organization is only as
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Unformatted text preview: good as who “owns” the customer; it doesn’t really matter if we have the best product; that is why it is so important to incorporate a CRM system in this organization. The CRM system will examine all aspects of the customer in sales, service, and marketing. With all of the aspects that a CRM system examines, we would benefit greatly. The organization will be paying employees less for doing so much unnecessary work that takes time, which turns to unhappy customer. The organization would cut costs, gain on profitability, and gain customer memberships. That is a briefing of the situation in my department. Hope this email was helpful, and eased your mind a little. See you in morning meeting at 9:00 AM. Steve James...
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