capstone - I can use to help me out I will be able to give...

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In the last nine months, there have been a lot of ups and downs for me in this class. Before this class started, I was severely nervous and I was dreading it. I thought that since I was out of school so long, I had no chance of being able to keep up and pass this class; I was wrong. Has the content in this course allowed you to think of math as a useful tool? If so, how? We have learned many new concepts in this class that I would have never thought most of us would ever need in our lives. I was also wrong on that opinion. I now think that this class has made me see that the more math you know the better, as it is a very useful tool in everyday life. I think all of us need the tools of figuring out square foot area, figuring out triangles, and pretty much everything we have learned in this class could benefit somebody that I know every day. What concepts investigated in this course can apply to your personal and professional life? In my line of business of landscaping and construction, I have learned many concepts that
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Unformatted text preview: I can use to help me out. I will be able to give more accurate bids with the concepts of figuring out different kinds of areas. This class will help me make more money as I will be able to not waste so much materials or be short of materials that will cost me also. In what ways did you use MyMathLab® or the Center for Mathematic Excellence for extra support? MyMathLab is the most useful tool in this class besides the instructor. It gives you the ability to do equations and weekly material before you read so you can understand better. It also gives you study plans to use according to how you do in your checkpoints and test to give you practice in your weak areas. I wish all of you good luck as this has been quite the journey for all of us. We should all be thankful for having such a helpful instructor that has made learning much easier and less stressful....
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capstone - I can use to help me out I will be able to give...

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