Rules for factoring Rational expressions

Rules for factoring Rational expressions - 3. Trial and...

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Hello Class, Often students have all these rules about factoring in their head and do not know when to apply which one. I organize the rules in my mind like the following: Binomial (two terms): 1. Check GCF 2. Difference of squares 3. You may have to do #1 and realize what is left in the parenthesis requires you to do #2 Trinomial (three terms): 1. Check GCF 2. Check to see if it is a perfect square trinomial
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Trial and error method Grouping (four terms) 1. Check GCF 2. Grouping Most of the time the LCM helps you realize what the GCF is. After some time, you do not have to find the LCM because they "jump out" at you. I hope this helps Stephanie Carter Faculty University of Phoenix Arizona Time...
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