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week 5 DQ1 - plus/minus signs and keeping the radical or...

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Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting? In most cases is it not possible to add or subtract a radical expression without simplifying because we can’t combine two radicals that have different values in the square roots. Also, because once simplified, it may end up being a different radical or not a radical at all. It will make your next steps much easier to handle. An example would be 4 + 16 , simplified the equation would be 2+4=6 ; see how easy it is when simplified. How is adding radical expressions similar to adding polynomial expressions? Adding radical expressions and adding polynomial expressions are similar in the terms that with the same radicals are combined, as polynomial terms with the same variable-exponent combination called "like terms" are combined, adding/subtracting the coefficients according to
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Unformatted text preview: plus/minus signs and keeping the radical or variable-exponent combination. It can be summed up as factoring out the common terms and you have like terms; polynomials have same exponents and radical expressions have the same radical. How is it different? Adding radical expressions is different than adding polynomial expressions for couple of reasons that I could think of. The first way that solving these two types of expressions are different is the fact that polynomials do not have absolute value or any roots and radical expressions have a value. There is known numbers in radical expressions and in polynomial expressions there are variables. Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify. Here is one to simplify: sqrt(72) + sqrt(2) (the answer is: 6sqrt(2) + sqrt(2) = 7sqrt(2))...
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