Week 7 DQ2 - the equation correct It’s kind of just a...

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Quadratic equations can be solved by graphing, using the quadratic formula, completing the square, and factoring. What are the pros and cons of each of these methods? With the quadratic formula , Just substitute, do a little arithmetic and you're done. Its main downside is that sometimes the answer can be seen a little more quickly with factoring. Solving quadric equations by factoring give you an advantage of the answers just jumping out at you, factoring is the easiest way for me to solve Quadric Equations. Its main downfall is that outside of tests and homework, the world is filled with QF's that are very hard to factor. Completing the square always works but it is harder than just using the Quadric Formula. It's error-prone because it has many steps to remember in order to get
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Unformatted text preview: the equation correct. It’s kind of just a specialized way of factoring. When might each method be most appropriate? I determine the method by looking quickly at the quadratic equation. If the factors are obvious, I will then use the factoring method. If not, I look at the relationship of the coefficients to see if completing the square will work. If completing the square looks like it will be complicated, I use the quadratic formula. Which method do you prefer? Why? The Quadric Formula is the best method for me, except for the easy equations that usually have obvious factors, if the answer to the equation doesn't just stick out to me, I will try to use the Quadric Formula, as I find it the most accurate and reliable even though it takes a little longer sometimes....
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Week 7 DQ2 - the equation correct It’s kind of just a...

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