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Mindee Deal WS 201 (1DL) Lana Kirby Deconstructing Media January 26, 2011 Deconstructing Media Assignment Part One I have never been more ashamed of my ignorance of political issues beyond our borders. Like the majority of my generation I’ve hedonistically ignored pressing global issues until the call of academia forced otherwise. This assignment has been a source of enlightenment and the precipice of change for me. Not just in regard to my international awareness but also my core belief system. My personal mantra that there is no right or wrong, only consequences to your actions is no longer applicable to my thought pro- cess. I now believe that there is definitely a ‘wrong’ and not always a consequence for wrongdoing. The sad state of inequality in South Africa has led me to such conclusion. I had no idea how much I take for granted until reading the Adbuster’s article “The Rise of Gender Apartheid”. The article struck a cord with me as a woman and as a proudly supportive sister of a homosexual. My entire family openly accepts and applauds my brother’s lifestyle. I’ve asked him about his experiences with discrimina- tion and thankfully he has none to speak of. I am being potentially ethnocentric in condemning South African societal treatment of LGBTs. However I am condemning the condemnable, in this case, cultural bias is irrelevant. The article examines the issue of homophobia and subsequent violent crimes against the gay pop- ulation, specifically lesbians. “Corrective” rape is commonplace as it is thought to be a remedy to lesbi- anism. South Africa is apparently the leader in rape per capita. Sadly, and I quote, “500,000 rapes occur in South Africa each year (one every minute), yet only one in nine is reported…” The article illustrates the rape threat in further detail. Statistics like “31 lesbians murdered in the past decade, but only one killer has ever been sentenced” are given. The African people are said to deny the claims of rape, often blaming the victim. Rapists are of no concern to authoritarian bodies it seems. Another major point of the article is in regard to Jacob Zuma, the (elected) South African President. He is mentioned as a contributor to the national problem as well as a purveyor. In most cases a statement like that is the product of an eth- 1
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Mindee Deal WS 201 (1DL) Lana Kirby Deconstructing Media January 26, 2011 nocentric journalist’s opinion rather than fact. However in my efforts to provide differing analysis of that mentioned, none could be found. I spent hours thoroughly investigating every South African news source, blog and .org I could
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Deconstructing Media - Mindee Deal WS 201 (1DL) Lana Kirby...

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