adv june 2 - Advertising Notes Chapter 7 May 13th 2010...

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Advertising Notes Chapter 7 May 13th 2010 Advertising and Promotion Research RELIABILITY-Any research method that produces consistent findings over time Validity- The information generated is relevant to the research questions being investigated Trustworthiness- Usually applied to qualitative data does the data make sense Meaningfulness- Is it meaningful Advertising and IBP Research Developmental research before ads are made Copy research as ads are being finished Results-oriented research while the ads running Stage one Developmental Research concept testing-designed to screen the quality of new ideas or concepts audience profilinf- Creatives need to know as much as they can about the people whom their ads will speak. needs wants etc Real usage- what the consumer really wants Focus groups- brainstorming session with target customers to come up with new insights about the brand Developmental advertising and IBP Research Methods Projective techniques association tests dialogue bubbles story construction sentence and picture completion Zaltman Meetaphor Elicitation Technique Field Tests including cool hunts
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more sources internal company sources government data sources commercial sources professional pubications the internet stage 2 copy research research on the actual ads used to judge the ads and promotion text finished or unfinished oftens referred to as evaluative research evaluative criteria and methods in copy research getting it- communications test what do they remember? cognitive residue- thought listings, recall:aided, unaided, claim, related
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adv june 2 - Advertising Notes Chapter 7 May 13th 2010...

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