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Creating Graphics in Flash By David Vogeleer Nov 11, 2005 Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Sams Article Contents Page 1 of 5 Next > PrintShare ThisDiscuss This chapter is from the book Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Unleashed This chapter provides a good introduction to the toolbar, how to draw shapes, and how to work with them on the stage. Like nearly everything else Flash related, the more you work with them, the more comfortable they will become. Get started here in this sample chapter. In This Chapter The Toolbar Colors and Gradients Grouping and Drawing Objects Importing and Working with Bitmaps In the later part of this book we will go over how to manipulate objects on the stage using ActionScript, but before that can be done, you need to know how to create these objects on the stage. If you have used other drawing tools in the past, such as Freehand or Illustrator, you will be somewhat familiar with most of the tools that Flash offers for drawing. This chapter will go over each tool individually, including how they work and ways to speed up and refine the process. We will also go over how to import bitmaps to your Flash project and work with them. The Toolbar As mentioned in the previous paragraph, many of the drawing tools found in Flash may be somewhat familiar, as you can see in Figure 3.1. As we move through the tools, special note will be made of options that are available to each specific tool, as well as shortcuts that can be used in conjunction with the tool. As you can see from the preceding figure, the toolbar has four major sections:
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Tools—This group is the set of tools that enable you to draw and manipulate shapes and objects on the stage. View—This group assists you in controlling the view of the stage, including the stage position and magnification level. Colors—This group helps you control both the color of the stroke (line) and fill of shapes. Figure 3.1 The Flash 8 toolbar. Options—This group will change as you select different tools to reveal more options for those tools. Because technically this really is not a group, but more of a section, each set of options will be gone over with its associated tool. Now that you are familiar with the sections, let’s go over what is in each section, from bottom to top, starting with the colors section. The Colors Section As previously mentioned, this section of the toolbar is one of the many places where you can control the color of both the stroke and fill. Although colors and gradients will be discussed in more detail later in this chapter, it’s important that you understand how to use this section of the toolbar before you begin creating shapes. In addition to the two-color drop downs for both stroke and fill, there are also three little
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